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In The Hot Seat With Sara Mc Fadden

Name: Sara Mc Fadden

Birthday: 18th March

Lives: Castlebar
Co. Mayo

Student (leaving cert this year)
Rally car:
2lt 16v factory built renault Clio ( Nicole )

Road car
Really 😉 no one is crazy enough to give me a driving Liscence 🙂
Mayo and District
What’s on your ipod?
Everything from Ed Sheeran to Nathan Carter

Favourite rally of the year?
How can you choose when you love them all. But imokilly has now a special place In my heart

Favourite rally driver?
Nial Maguire 🙂

First the memory of rallying?
Nial Maguire giving me his winners hat when he won the mayo rally…. think I was about 4 or 5

When was your first rally?
Last Sunday 22nd july 😉

When Your Not Rallying What Do You Do For Fun?
Play camogie… really just enjoy all sport in general.

Favourite food?
This is hard one, mammys roast dinners
Do you have any frustrating memories in rallying?
Yes I do ! When the fuel pump decides to give up on us on my first rally

Who is your favourite rally driver of all time and why?
Nial Maguire…. he always had time for me even at the finish ramp.
He is a true gentleman through and through , motorsport is lucky to have him. And he’s just about as crazy as I am 🙂

If you won the lotto what would be your dream rally car and why ?
Mark 2 escort

What is in your rally bag on a weekend?
Honestly, trying to save up to to buy all my own stuff…. so ask me in a month or two

What’s your plan for the year 2018?
To do as many rallys as mammy will let us do… but daddy and I are hoping to do Sligo and Clare

Would you like to thank any one?
Wow. Where do I start and don’t know where to stop. But a special thanks to Motorsport Ireland, the NCBI, my Mammy and sister, Vanessa. I would be afraid to start naming as the list is endless. Everyone has been so supportive throughout my journey. I am hoping this is only the start of my rally journey

Who are your Sponsors.
Well …. it’s Mammy and Daddy at the minute. But I’m warned I have to find others or I’m back to camogie again 🙂 so if I flutter my white eyelashes at you,… be warned… I’m looking for something

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