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In the Hot Seat With Paddy (Wack) Croke


Patrick croke

Date of birth


Old luffany carrageen Co Kilkenny


Customer care adviser at RigneyDolphin

Road car?

2017 Ds DS3


Carrick on suir motorclub

Favourite Event of this year and why?

The Ravens rock will for ever be my favourite rally this year I got to sit beside a feature world campion and also my best friend and that’s Irelands very own Craig Breen

When was your first even?

My first event was the sepam stonethrowers back in 2010 with my dad in our ex Carlos sainz rs500 cosworth which we finished up 2nd in class.

When you’re not rallying what do you do for fun?

I like to keep myself fit and go to the gym three times a week, as you can see my friends are a big part of my life so we get up to all sorts of stuff our main hobby at the minute is boating which a good friend of mine has his own boat so we are off out on that whenever the weather is good.

Favourite food?

Good question I like all kind of food really my favourite would be Italian as a treat but Monday to Friday I keep the food good.

Do you have any frustrating memories in rallying?

Haha god yes I think me and Craig will agree on this one, the first stage of the rock we were all geared up and ready to go Craig turns around to me and says rite wack you count me down so I says back no problem lad so 54321 comes paddy is on one mean while Craig says Jesus paddy we have 3 seconds to go the laughing it was funny.

What is your favourite rally car?

My all-time favourite car would have to be the ford mk 2 escort the one that David Sutton built all them years ago for Ari Vatenan there is no better car, or dow I love the latest WRC cars and id love a modified escort of my own.

What’s your plan for 2017

I am in talks with a company in Scotland who have set up a race car for people with mild disability’s like myself to try and get in to motorsport, so I have been asked to go to the uk and drive an Audi TT racing car which is fully adapted. I’m also in the middle of going about building my own rally car which is looking to be a Citroen C2 which I hope to start the build maybe after Christmas in time for the raven’s rock 2018,

Would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my mum and dad and two brothers Sean and Seamus without them I wouldn’t be where I am today also a big thanks to my friends who play a big part in my life like I have said there just a great bunch lads and sometimes the on lookers on the Facebook say these boys are mental we aren’t we just don’t let life get in the way really. Have to say a massive thank you to Craig Breen, I struck up a friendship with this guy through another friend of ours aka bobo as we know him as it started off I think around the time Craig was testing for the circuit of Ireland with the 208 R5 in the hills of mullinavat which is located near our home town it was a great weekend which Craig and Scott went on to win the circuit that year and the year after. When I got the phone call back in June to say paddy would you sit with me in the rock in a modified escort it was a no brainer but to say yes and what a day we had form the start rite to the last KM on the last stage were we went to take 3rd over all it was a dream come through for me. A big thanks to all the rally family on Facebook who sent lovely text and comments after the event it just amazing it’s not the end for me and Craig we will be back next year please god with part 2 of the journey till then thanks once again


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