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In The Hot Seat With Monaghan Man James Mc Carville

Name: James Mc Carville

Birthday: 24/03/1990

Lives: Tydavnet Co. Monaghan

Occupation Car sales

Road Car: Whatever has diesel in it

MotorClub: Monaghan motor club

Favourite Event of the year and why?
Donegal international,serious atmosphere,stages are unreal and so is the after party!

First memory of Rallying ?
Monaghan rally passing my house when I was very young!

When was your first event ?
Newry mourne rally 06
When your not rallying what do you do for fun ?

Favourite food:
Do I look fussy?

Do you have any frustrating memories in Rallying ?
Loads of them! Too many to start going into!!

What is in your Rally bag on a weekend: ?
Just the usual when I’m driving and plenty of water!!

What’s your plans for the year 2018 ?
Don’t know yet might go to Galway and then west cork,monaghan and donegal! It will depend on the funds!!

Would you like to thank anyone: ?
I’d like to thank my navigators,Ryan and Noel and the boys at NPL rally prep and my sponsors Gusclad,Westenra arms hotel,Ucar,Griffith’s tractors,Vci,crosbie and graham auctioneers,Gmc agri supplies

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