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In The Hot Seat With Mick Boland

Name: Mick Boland
Birthday: 17 Feb 88
Lives Tipperary
Occupation: mechanic
Rally car: nova
Road car may ask the wife
MotorClub: wexford of course
What’s on your ipod? Don’t have one

Favourite rally of the year?
Wexford for the banter with all the boys

Favourite rally driver?

Eugene Donnelly
First the memory of rallying?
Going with my father when I was a young lad

When was your first rally?
Carlow 2017
When Your Not Motorsport events What Do You Do For Fun?
Get a few bottle

Favourite food?
Ya can’t beat a nice stew

Do you have any frustrating memories in rallying?
Oh when you catch someone in a state and the won’t pull in

If you won the lotto what would be your dream rally car and why ?6r4 metro

What is in your rally bag on a weekend?
Every thing and anything

What’s your plan for the year 2018?
To prove that you don’t need a load of money to fun

Would you like to thank any one?
I’d like to thank my wife for putting up all the driving around for parts . Billy
Crotty only for this man I would not of being rallying

My sponsor
Mallow commercial cvrt centre

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