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In the Hot Seat With Isle of man Lady Cliona Collins

Name: Cliona Collins

Birthday: 02/05/98

Lives: Isle of Man but currently studying in Liverpool

Occupation: Student, studying Psychology.

Road Car: BMW Series 1

Motor Club: Manx Auto Sport

Favourite Event of the year and why? Probably Rally IOM as I was in with a new driver and new car. This caused me to step out of my comfort zone which I enjoyed.

First memory of Rallying? Childhood memories of me and Dad standing in fields and forestries watching stages.

When was your first event? First event was in 2014, using an Evo 6 in an airfield event.

When you’re not rallying what do you do for fun? Although I am very involved in motorsport, I am also incredibly girly. So of course I enjoy shopping, getting my hair and nails done etc.

Favourite food: This would have to be Mum’s homemade Chilli Con Carne, 10/10.

Do you have any frustrating memories in Rallying? No, I’m usually really calm during a rally. Even if something is going wrong I like to reflect on appreciating the opportunity I have. In Fact, the most frustrating memory is probably the ‘rally comedown’ you get days after.

Who is your favourite Rally car driver? My dad of course.

What is in your Rally bag on a weekend?
Cable ties
Spare intercom batteries
Tyre pressure gauge
Hairbrush and lip gloss (they’re essential)

What’s your plans for the year 2018? Hopefully planning on getting a sit with someone for the BRC Championship, whilst also sitting in with my Dad.

Would you like to thank anyone: I would like to thank my Dad firstly, for introducing me to the motorsport as a child and for giving me the opportunity to sit next to him throughout the many of rallies we have done.
Also my Mum for having to put up with the constant rally talk and supporting me although I know she’d much rather prefer I was involved in a less dangerous sport.
Whilst of course I would like to thank all of those involved in the motorsport such as; marshals, medics and Manx Auto Sport itself.

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