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In The Hot Seat With Emma Crowley

Name: Emma Crowley
Birthday: 24th June 1974

Lives: Aberystwyth Wales

Occupation staff nurse

Rally Car ?
Mitsubishi Colt 4wd (being rebuilt)
Peugeot 205 – pedro
Road Car:? Audi Q7

MotorClub:? Lampeter motor club

Favourite Event of the year and why?
Definitely Wexford, great atmosphere and fantastic welcome.
Stages are amazing and organised to perfection

First memory of Rallying ? Watching my dad out on night events many many years ago

When was your first event ?
Tour of epynt 2011 in the Peugeot

When your not Rallying what do you for fun ? Drink wine 🙄 while Sean preps the cars

Favourite food: oh love a good steak!

Do you have any frustrating memories in rallying: ?
Still get frustrated when cars break down after hours of preparation. And not being conscious to support Sean when we had our accident in March

Who is your favourite Rally Driver and why ?
Well obviously Sean Crowley….. because i married him 2 days ago

What is in your Rally bag on a weekend: ?
Tyre pressure gauge
Spare plugs
Cable ties
Tank tape
Spare stopwatch
Mole grips
Haribo tangtastics
And a spare hair bobble

What’s your plans for the year 2017: ?
Main aim this year in to rebuild the Colt and get it out before the end of the year.

would you like to thank anyone ?
O my god…. with rallying everyone who was involved in the aftermath of our accident, spectators, marshals, medics, support from you guys over in Ireland especially Wexford Motorclub and a very close Wexford friend Chris Elsey for all the help rebuilding the car….. shall I go on???. Haha

RallyInterviews would like to wish Emma & Sean all the best as Mr & Ms Crowley

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