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30 Sec’s With TV Presenter Olive Esler

Olive at launch of National Championship


Name: Olive Esler

Birthday: 7th of Feb 1985

Lives: Dundrum, Dublin but I’m from Ardrahan, Co. Galway

Occupation: TV Presenter for On The Limit Sports. Researcher and Guest Booker at TV3

Road car: Audi A4


How old were you when you drove your first car?

I was 12 or 13! My older brother had an old Datsun Cherry that we used as a field car beside my Dad’s garage. It was silver with orange stripes and we absolutely loved it. My brother used to set up an obstacle course in the field with tyres to practise his driving skills. I was always the co-pilot. It was years before he let me get behind wheel!


How did you get to work with On The Limit Sports?

When On The Limit Sports were looking for a new presenter my name came up and Mick Bracken had a look at other presenting work that I have done over the last 8 years. We met up, got on very well and the rest as they say is history!


Did you ever look at rallying?

My brother is obsessed with motorsport. Anything with wheels he has an interest in so I grew up watching the WRC and Formula One with him. I never thought that I would ever get a chance to work in rallying!


When was your first rally and what did you think of it?

A rally came to Galway when I was very young. I’d say I was only about 8 or 9. Our road was closed off to accommodate it and our whole family went out to watch it. I couldn’t believe how fast the cars flew by.


How are you finding working with On the Limit Sport?

I had a baptism of fire starting out on Round One of the Triton Showers National Rally Championship but I absolutely loved it! I have been learning the ropes as quick as I can and getting to grips with how fast the day flies. We hit as many stages as we can throughout the day, we cover the services and do as many interviews with the drivers and crews as we can. Between the National Championship and the Valvoline Irish Forest Rally Championship it has been so busy. The rallying community have been nothing but welcoming and I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone.


Favourite food? You can never beat a good steak and a glass of red wine


Do you have any frustrating moments working in TV?

The rally’s are an incredibly fast paced environment to make television. There’s no room for mistakes! On my second day of filming we tried to do a piece to camera with one of the sweeper cars  whizzing by in the background but I messed up my lines right at the end. That was really frustrating as I knew the shot could have been really cool if I had nailed it. There are no second chances. I’ve my heart set on getting shots like that before the year is out!


Who is your favourite rally driver of all time and why?

Colin McRae – “If in doubt, flat out”. The number of trophies he won almost equalled the amount of cars he destroyed, but that’s what made him so thrilling to watch. He brought a huge excitement to every event he raced in. If rallying is defined as a human beings ability to drive a machine as fast as possible, in the worst terrain and conditions imaginable, McRae is the sport personified.


Are you looking forward to 2015 and why?

2015 has been a really exciting year for me so far. I was delighted to get the presenter role for both the National and Forestry championship with On The Limit Sports and watching the first episodes air on TG4 was a wonderful moment in my career. The last two weekends I have been covering the second rounds in both championships so they have yet to air and after that I have a lot more rally’s around the country to attend. Both championships are already heating up and I am really looking forward to the rest of the season.


What is in your rally bag on a weekend?

Waterproof boots to run around in, my shirt and jacket for the event and a pocket size notebook to keep track of all my research.


What’s your plan for the year 2015?

My plan is to enjoy the rally season and to bring as much action to each show as possible. Before the year is  I’d love to get a spin on a test run in one of the top WRC cars! That would be amazing.


Would you like to thank any one?

I’d really like to thank Mick Bracken for putting his faith in me to deliver a good programme across the National and Forestry Championships this year for On The Limit Sports. He has been great to work with and he has pushed me to be the best presenter I can be.


My Dad and brother have taught me all that I know about cars and are the two men in my life that have given me a love of motorsport from an early age.


I’d also like to thank my mum for believing in me when I said I wanted to work in television. She never tried to persuade me to get a sensible job and has been a huge support over the years.


Catch Round 2 of the Triton Showers National Rally Championship with Olive on TG4 at 9pm on Thursday April 16th


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