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30 Secs with lady nav Megan Costello

Megan Costello

27th December 1999

Tarbert, Co.Kerry

Business Student

Rally car:
1600 Ford MK2 Escort

Road car
10 Ford Fiesta


What’s on your ipod?
Everything and anything

Favourite rally of the year?
That’s a tough one since I didn’t get to do much rallying this year I would have to say I quiet enjoyed Killarney even though I wasn’t in my own car, but the one rally I would love to do is donegal!

Favourite rally driver?
That’s tough I honestly couldn’t choose all the lads are unreal and I get on so well with them all

First the memory of rallying?
Standing on the side of the road waiting for dad to come back into service when I was about 3

When was your first rally?
Banna Winter Stages 2017

When Your Not Rallying What Do You Do For Fun?
Help out at rallies doing times or marshaling, Spend time in the garage with the lads or Watch Netflix!

Favourite food?
Probably Chinese

Do you have any frustrating memories in rallying?
Nah I don’t really get frustrated when rallying but the accident would definitely be one as we didn’t get very far into the rally and I now have a long road of recovery!

Who is your favourite rally driver of all time and why?
Colin McRae “If in doubt go flat out” But I also look up to Kris Meeke and Craig Breen

If you won the lotto what would be your dream rally car and why ?
To rebuild our own car and put a 2.5 smittinjones engine in it with a sainz or trackdiff gearbox

What is in your rally bag on a weekend?
Notes, Roadbook, Time cards, a hat, tyre pressure gauge, cable ties, sticky labels, pens, highlighters, soothers, tissues, batteries and water or maybe a can of Red Bull!

What’s your plan for the year 2018?
Jeez I dno get out of hospital first and then go from there!

Would you like to thank any one?
There are way too many to thank honestly everyone involved in our rally family & friends are amazing I couldn’t possibly name them individually but most of all I’d like to thank my parents and little brother for everything!

Who are your Sponsors
Charlie McEnery Motor Services, Bawn Motors, Mid West Tyres and Treaty Plant Hire

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