Sara to make her way to Tv3 this Friday evening

Utterly delighted to announce that myself and Mam will be appearing on TV3 this Friday evening. Please tune in if you have a few minutes spare. I never thought things would escalate to this level and I want to thank each and every one of you for the support over the last few weeks.

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Hi all …for anybody who may be wondering why we as a family have decided to try this crazy adventure ..its quite simple Sara is visually impaired always has been always will be but by her own motto ” no sight doesnt mean no vision”
We do ok with Sara’s condition … we are lucky …other families don’t do as well or know enough about how to deal with things related ..
We have been and always will be there for those struggling or dealing with things related.
We don’t have all tbe answers but we just might know somebody who will have an answer..
Trust me after you meet Sara your child’s future might not look so dim “she’s a pain in the butt like all teenagers ” but really has her mum’s heart and her get and go, will surely send me to an early grave but this has been her dream for years ( our fault or luck as I’d like to think )
We are not saying send your child racing ..we are praying that it might help you not to be as afraid to let your child / children try new things ..Sitting in front of a tv doesnt help any child, yes its safer but lets make our kids as happy as we possibly can ..
We hopefully may at some stage win a crystal trophy so for anybody who thinks we are a rich family or in for the money ..we are neither! There is no prize money but our family is getting bigger everyday and thats the best prize anybody could receive xx
Best wishes to you all
Keith Mc Fadden ( proud father) xx