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In The Hot Seat With Ennis Man Charlie Mc Enery

Name: Charlie Mc Enery

Birthday: 24th April 1979.

Lives: Kilnamona, Ennis,Co.Clare

Occupation Garage Owner

Road Car: Range Rover Sport

MotorClub: Clare Motor Club

Favourite Event of the year and why?
West Cork Rally. Not being my luckiest event ever. Retired on 1st day on last 4 attempts but love Clonakilty for its welcome and atmosphere over St.Patrick’s weekend.

First memory of Rallying ?
Going to rally’s since i was 9 months old but earliest memory would be watching local man Michael Naughton fire up his BDG Escort outside his garage. What a sound? 100% hooked.

When was your first event ?

1999 Circuit of Munster with Martin O’Halloran in a Peugeot 205 Gti
When not rallying its work and more work.

When your not rallying what do you do for fun ?

When not rallying its work and more work.

Favourite food:
Any type of Seafood

Do you have any frustrating memories in Rallying ?
Any type of Seafood.
Retiring from 2nd overall in Clare Stages Rally 2009 on 2nd last stage.

What is your favourite Rally car ?
Proper Gp A Impreza 555

What is in your Rally bag on a weekend: ?
Lots of pens and spare intercom battery and stop watch.

What’s your plans for the year 2018: ?
No plans yet for 2018 but a finish in West Cork would be nice.

Would you like to thank anyone:? Would like to thank all marshals and officials for their efforts so we can take part in our sport.

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