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30 Secs With Patrick Brides


Name:Patrick Brides
Birthday: 9 August 1982
Lives:Roscommon Town
Occupation:Sales Rep Team PR Reilly
Rally car:Depends on Weekend
Road car:GT4 Celica

How old were you drove your first car ?
Probably 14. A mate of mine Darren Hughes had a 1979 Cortina. Looking back now we were foolish would be a nice car to have now

Where does your love of motorsport come from? My Father was a big influence. As a toddler we were brought to stock car racing. Also being from Monaghan was a big factor.

First memory of rallying in Donegal ?
My first Donegal was in 2009 with Joe Mc Gonigle. We were in a class 2 Civic and won the class. It was great to get a run on classic stages like Knockalla and Fanad.

When was first rally?
ALMC 2007 with Joe Mc Gonigle

What your plan’s for the rest of 2014 year ?
Currently sitting with two drivers. American based Longford man Paul Rowley in the Tarmac championship and Colin Flanagan from Boyle in the Border and National Championships. Hope to finish off the championships so its a busy year.

Favourite food ?
Can’t beat Fillet steak

Do you have any frustrating memory’s in rallying?
Not too many. I go out to enjoy the sport and have the craic. I’ve had a few non finishes due to mechanical breakdowns when we were due to finish well, that can sometimes be frustrating.

What’s your Favourite rally of the year and why ?
Midlands Rally. Everyone loves their home event. Lovely stages, friendly atmosphere and the after party is always good.

Who is your favourite rally driver of all time and why ?
As a child I was allowed to stay up later later than usual to watch any rally that was televised. One driver that stood out was James Cullen. I was fortunate to meet James when I was in College in Letterkenny. James is a quiet, humble man which is quiet rare in rallying circles and he helped me a lot at the start and continues to help me. I navigated for his son Declan in his first few events and had the pleasure of testing with James and doing gravel notes.

Who is going to win the Dunlop national rally 2014 ?
Its a tough one as Hugh Hunter has added a lot of spice to the mix. But you can’t rule out the rest of the pack. Would like to see Paddy Mc Veigh do well.

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Tipperary Gear Up For Top Event


Tipperary Light Car and Motorcycle Club Have announced that preparation for this
years SEPAM Stonethrowers Rally on the
10th August 2014, are near a Finalé, with regulations awaiting final approval
Clerk of the Course for this years event, John Ward reported:
“Regulations for this years event has been submitted to Motorsport Ireland and are
awating approval.
We have put together a fantastic three stages which will suit all competitors
wishing to win silverware at this years event.”

As with previous years the event is sponsored by SEPAM.
SEPAM is a family business owned by the Kearney family and they have been steeped in
Motorsport History for many years.
Without their Continuing Financial support, this years event would not have been a

Entries for this years event are open with the Main Field Entry fee €495 and the
Junior Rally Entry fee €290.
Competitors in the Main field will compete over approx 120 stage Kilometres
comprised of 3X3 Format
(9 stages in total).
The Junior Rally will consist Of The First 6 Stages.

The Clonmel Park Hotel will be the event rally HQ,and scrutiny will take place
in Sheehan Brothers yard from 2pm – 6pm with all cars being parked up in Parc Ferme
located beside the Rally HQ.

The Rally will be a counting round for both the Dunlop National Irish Rally
Championship and the TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship.

Competitors Can use Angus Sealy’s website – for Online
with Angus also providing results on the weekend of the event.

The Drivers briefing for the event will be at 08:30hrs on the 10th August, in the
Ballroom in the Clonmel Park Hotel with the first car away for the event will be at

Donegal Cousins, Declan & Brian Boyle took overall honours last year, but who will
be crowned champions of this years event at the finish ramp in the Clonmel Park
Hotel and lift the winners trophy for the SEPAM Stonethrowers Rally 2014. Words & Image Paul McClay

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30 Secs With Mayo Lady Trisha Greavy


Name: Trisha Greavy
Birthday: 15th June 1989
Lives: Ballina Mayo
Occupation: Primary Healtcare Co-Ordinator
Rally car: Peugeot 406
Road car: Honda Civic

How old were you drove your first car ?

Very very young! We live in the country so used to b always tearing over
and back the road!

Where does your love of motorsport come from?

We were brought to rallies since we were babies and I used to b always
helping my brother fix cars.. I wanted to do panel beating/ body repair as
a career when i finished school but i settled for it as a hobby! I done my
first full respray recently on my brothers escort..if i had a proper shed
and all the right tools id be happy out!!

First memory of rallying ?

earliest memory of rallying wud hav been at a circuit of ireland night
stage ran near home or else the mayo stages that were ran out on achill
island up the side of the cliffs!!

What’s your dream rally car ?

Mk2 escort with a 2.5 millington!! (Id be some danger then!!)

What was your first event?
Mayo Stages Rally 2014 finished 3rd in class 11f

What your plan’s for the rest of 2014 year?
Maybe Galway Summer stages or Donegal Harvest all depends how funds go!!

Favourite food ?

Steak and Chips!!

Do you have any frustrating memories in rallying?

There for Sligo rally the brakes were givin me bother when i took it off
the trailer before scrutiny they were nearly gone again and then engine
start misfiring! All minor stuff we got sorted in time but was just

What’s your Favourite rally of the year and why ?

Think Killarney Rally of the Lakes is my favourite the whole weekend is just
mad craic and the stages are unreal!

Who is your Favourite rally driver of all time and why ?

Tough one!Declan Boyle gave me a lot of good advice going out for my
first rally and reminded me everyone had to start off somewhere was nice
to get motivation from a top driver…or else Declan Gallagher especially
after seeing him in action in killarney The man just has no fear!!

Who is going to win the Ulster rally 2014 ?

Id like to see Daniel Mckenna take victory in the Ulster Rally!

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30 Secs With Donegal Man Gary McElhinney


30 Sec’s With Donegal man Gary McElhinney

Name: Gary McElhinney
Birthday: June
Lives: Donegal Town
Occupation: long story
Rally car: Ford Escort Mk2
Road car: BMW 530D

How old were you when drove your first car ?

Not sure, pretty young, too young proably..!!

Where does your love of Motorsport come from?

My father rallied a mini in the 70′s/80′s and in the 90′s in a Suzuki Swift which I
navigated for him in..

First memory of rallying in Donegal ?

Watching Austin McHale in the black BMW M3 . I still have a xtravision sticker I got
from them at the finish ramp of the Donegal international

What was your first event?

Navagating it was Ballina rally 1998
Driving it was bunbeg single stage in 2002

What your plan’s for the rest of 2014 year ?

Finish off the Dunlop National Championship navagating for Paddy McVeigh, 1 more
trip accross to the British Forests navagating for Ray Cunnigham in the mini. Going
to the Silver fern Rally New Zealand with Frank Cunnigham and may be one more outing
driving the Mk2 myself. And a few nite navagation rallies with Damien Connolly.

Favourite food ?

Lasange and chips

Do you have any frustrating memory’s in rallying?

When I was Driving myself I Lost the 2006 enniskillen club mans rally overall win by
just 1 second..

What’s your Favourite rally of the year and why ?

The Donegal International is a high light for me driving and I really used to enjoy
driving in the Enniskillen Lakeland every year.. When navagating I’ve done a few
events out in Europe and I really enjoyed them..

Who is your favourite rally driver of all time and why ?

Bertie Fisher, because he was just a geniune straight forward quiet man and who was
a suberb rally driver

Who is going to win the Dunlop national rally 2014 ?

Hopefully Paddy McVeigh..!! But it will be tough to hold our championship lead if
Declan Boyle, Hugh hunter etc are out on there usual pace..!!

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Sligo Proves Just The Tonic For Moffett

Josh And John

The 2014 Sligo Stages Rally Proved a winning one for one of the most talented young
drivers in the country at the moment, Josh Moffett.
Driving his elder brothers Car, a Ford Fiesta WRC, Partnered by John Rowan, they
took the lead on stage 2, when he turned a 4.9 sec deficit, into an 18 second
advantage, and never looked back.

Top seed McVeigh, who was partnered by Donegal Native Gary McElhinney, were quickest
out of the traps on stage 1, followed closely by the younger moffett brother.
Elder brother Sam, who was driving a Class 20 Evo 9, was 3rd.
The big news on stage1, was that of 2nd Seed Frank Wray Losing his brakes, half way
into the stage, which he commented on later
“Its easy getting up to about 90/100MPH, but when you have nothing to stop you, it
gets hairy”

on Stage 2 the Lead changed, with Moffett Jnr putting the shoe down and opening up
an 18sec gap, between himself and McVeigh, a lead he would not relinquish.
Sam Moffett Stayed in 3rd, with Pat Kirk 4th and Martin Doherty in 5th and Trevor
Bustard in 6th.
The Top 2wd car was in 8th place was last years overall sligo pallets border
championship winner Gary Kiernan.

on stage 3 Moffett Jnr Extended his lead once more, to 27.5secs over McVeigh, who
was struggling, he even managed to clip a steel pole causing cosmetic damage to the
S10 Subaru.
Moffett Snr, was 3rd, only 13 seconds behind McVeigh.
Pat Kirk Was 4th on a charge, only 8 secs behind Moffett.
Martin Doherty, who had Kevin Flanagan on the Notes rounded off the top 5 after the
1st Loop of stages.

McVeigh was planning to pull out all the stops to reel in Moffett, but, his rally
came to an end on stage 5, when, his gearbox screamed no more.
this left Sam Moffett in 2nd, who had his lancer rebuilt and was in class 20
although he did have Seasoned Campaigner Pat Kirk to deal with in 3rd.
The Fastest Sligo Crew over the 1st loop were David leonard, and Darragh Mullen, but
their rally Came to an abrubt end on stage 4, crashing heavily, but luckily, both
driver and navigator came out uninjured.

in the Closing loop, it was Moffett Junior, who held a commanding 1 minute 35 sec lead
heading into the last loop of stages, over his elder brother, but emerging after the
last stage, he was unaware of the drama which had unfolded behind him.
Sam had damaged the suspension on the Mitsubishi on stage 8 and Martin Doherty
reeled in and overtook pat kirk.
This left Josh Moffett and John Rowan The Overwhelming Winners of the 2014 Sligo
Park Hotel Sponsored Sligo Stages Rally by 3 minutes from 2nd Crew Martin Doherty and
Kevin Flanagan.
In 3rd it was Seasoned Campaigner Pat Kirk and John McElhinney.
Top 2wd Crew were Gary Kiernan and Niall Tierney, who took and Excellent 4th Overall
and class 13R Win.
Taking Group N Honours and topping off the top 5, was Trevor Bustard and John

ALL Competitors praised the quality of the stages, and the way the rally was run,
and they heaped praise on the Clerk Of The Course Robert Lyttle and his team.

Thankfully the rain held off and the prize giving in the Sligo Park Hotel went very
We’re all looking forward to next years Event, which will again be a counting round
of the Dunlop National Championship, and, The Border Rally Championship.
At the Finish Ramp, Andrew Mullen Representing Sponsors of the Border Rally
Championship, Sligo Pallets,
Confirmed that Sligo Pallets will again Sponsor the Border Rally Championship until
2016. Word’s And Image Paul McClay

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Nicky Grist Stages


The Quinton Motor Club, organisers for the Nicky Grist Stage are delighted to announce that the number of seeded entries has come in at 144 drivers, with more still entering with less than 2 weeks to go until the rally. Across all the 10 championships entered the entry figures are looking almost full, and the excitement is mounting for the 2014 rally to give everyone an exciting weekend of rallying.

With recent reports on the decline of British rally it is very pleasing to see that with the right incentives rally teams are still out there and keen to compete. Each year the team of the Nicky Grist Stages has striven to deliver a superb rally not just on the standard of the stages themselves which are among the best and most challenging in the country, but also off rally with Nicky Grist holding a detailed Gravelnotes meeting on the Friday evening to all competitors to ensure they maximise the delivery of pacenotes. There is also a superb 2 course dinner on offer, provided by one of the chefs to the Royal Family. The aim to give every entrant a really great experience from the minute they arrive in Builth Wells.

This year, the addition of Nicky Grist’s latest venture, the Ravenol Nicky Grist Challenge, a one off shoot out open to all classes entered in the rally, to decide who is the best national rally driver in the UK has certainly attracted a number of drivers to compete. The calibre of entries is very high and to date there are 4 drivers who have entered from Europe all wanting to take the inaugural Challenge title and walk away with the largest prize at national level rallying – free entry into the BTRDA 2105 season, up to £3000 of Ravenol products to ensure minimum time spent off rally preparing the car, and a bespoke 3 layer P1 Racewear suit for both driver and co-driver to wear throughout their 2015 season.

All in all the 2014 Nicky Grist Stages is set to be one of the best rally experiences in Britain this year and certainly shows that rallying is alive and well in this country. The Nicky Grist Stages opens on the 11th July for registration and scrutineering at the headquarters at the Royal Showground in Builth Wells. The rally stages are due to start 8:31am sharp from the HQ on Saturday 12th July.

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