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We take look back at the Promo video for the Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally 2016.
A fantastic production that showcases Wexford’s largest sporting event. Hold on tight for the best event in the south east of ireland for 2017. The only thing that is different is the year and the date come to wexford for 2017.

Keep up with all the action from the Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally 2017 with #wvsr2017

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Regs For Galway Summer now online

Lady Gregory Hotel Gort Galway Summer Rally Galway Summer Rally 2017 Supplementary Regulations
1. Announcement
The Galway Summer Rally is promoted by Co Galway Motor Club and will be held on Sunday the 27th of August 2017.
The Competition will be held under the International Sporting Code of the F.I.A, the
General Competition Rules of Motorsport Ireland and Appendices 25, 29, 29.1 and 31 of the Motorsport Ireland Year book and these supplementary Regulations. All Competitors who forward completed
Entry Forms agree to be bound by these rules.
Amendments to these Supplementary Regulations will be issued by numbered bulletins. All competitors who submit completed entry forms agree to be bound by these regulations.
2. Organisation
2.1 The Galway Summer Rally is promoted by Co Galway Motor Club
These regulations have been submitted to, and approved by Motorsport Ireland who has issued Permit No: 17/126 for the holding of the competition.
Championships for which the rally counts: 2017 Triton Showers National Rally Championship, Top Part West Coast Rally Championship and Sligo Pallets Border Championship
2.2 Officials:
Motorsport Ireland Stewards Galway M.C. Steward Motorsport Ireland Safety Officer Clerk of the Course
Deputy Clerk of the Course Galway MC Safety Officer Assistant Clerk of the Course Assistant Clerk of the Course Secretary of the Event Entries Secretary
Chief Scrutineer
Competitor Liaison Officer
Rally 2 Coordinator
Chief Marshal
Chief Timekeeper
Radio Controller
Rally Results
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Rescue Officer
Press Officer.
Program Coordinators
Scrutiny Coordinator
Service Area Coordinator Equipment Officer
Spectator Control
Stage Commanders
Deputy Stage Commanders
Road Closed
Car Accountability
Emergency Services Liaison Officer
Damien Crawford / Tom Walsh Shane Cunniffe
Robert Lyttle Mark Parsons Ciaran Burke John Tynan Bobby Clinton Ray Bent Jennifer Perkins Carmel Leonard John Prendergast Pat M Shiel Winnie Shiel Eoin Longworth Eamon McGee Mary Fitzgerald Angus Sealy Declan O’Brien Ivor Gleeson Ultan Burke
Ray Bent
Kieran Donohue
John Coughlan
Anthony Kelly
Aiden Harper
Cyril Rollins, Eddie Reilly, Martin Leahy Jacinta Conroy, Pat Diviney Willie Kelly, John Kelly
Victor Farrell
John Moylan
2.3 Rally Headquarters:
2.4 Entries Secretary Contact Details:
2.5 Official Notice Board:
Lady Gregory Hotel Ennis Road
Co, Galway. Tel: 353 (0) 91 632333
Name: Carmel Leonard Address: Cloughan
Co Galway, Tel: 086 8712733
The official notice board will be situated in the main Rally Office of The lady Gregory Hotel and will be in operation from 20.00 on Friday 25th August 2017 until 30 minutes after prize giving on Sunday 27th August 2017
An on-line notice board will also be in operation on:
2.6 Judges of Fact:
• •
• • •
Judges of Fact will patrol the Road Sections/Service area.
Among the “facts” they will be judging are Competitor driving, Servicing/Support in forbidden areas.
The decision of a Judge of Fact will be final.
Judges of Fact may require to sign the competitor’s road book.
List of Judges of Fact will be advised in final instructions and will be posted on the official notice board.
Entries open
Entries Close
Final Instructions Posted Entry List Published Reconnaissance Registration Saturday
Mechanical Scrutiny Documentation Scrutiny
15th July 2017 16th August 2017 21st August 2017 18th August 2017 25th August 2017 26th August 2017 26th August 2017
26th August 2017 26th August 2017
27th August 2017 27th August 2017 27th August 2017 27th August 2017 27th August 2017
20.00 – 22.00 09.00 – 12.00 09.30 – 16.30
14.00 – 19.30 15.00 – 20.30
Rally Headquarters Rally Headquarters
Rally Headquarters Rally HQ
Rally HQ Rally HQ
Gort Mart Rally HQ
Rally HQ
Competitors Safety Briefing
(COMPULSORY FOR ALL CREWS Appendix 25 Art 3.2)
Rally Start
Rally Finish Service Area Provisional Results Prize giving
4. Entries
4.1 Information:
10.00 17.00 07.00 18.30 19.30
27th August 2017

Entries may be submitted by all persons holding a valid FIA Competition License or Commercial Entrants License
All entries can be made on Line at by the Official Entry Form which can be downloaded from the entry form must be completed in all particulars and signed by both crew members, accompanied by the appropriate fee and forwarded to the Entries Secretary. Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned.
4.2 Entry Fee:
The entry for the Main Field and Historic classes is €529+€270 ins. Levy =total €799. Entries to Class 16 (Junior Class) will be charged a reduced Entry Fee of €300 + €188 ins.
Levy = total €488.
The entry fee includes Personal Accident Insurance, IRDS/BRDS Insurance at standard rate, (additional premium will be collected on the day from any driver with special conditions on the IRDS/BRDS database.
M.S.A Licence holders please ENSURE you have the correct BRDS cover in place BEFORE sign on Friday 25th August 2017. Contact Motorsport Ireland with any queries +353 (0)1 677 5628.
Cheques / Bank Drafts or Postal Orders should be made payable to: Co Galway Motor Club
Entries to be sent to:
Name: Carmel Leonard Address: Cloughan
Co Galway, Tel: 086 8712733
4.3 Entry Criteria:
In the event of an excess of 141 main field entries being received the following criteria will be applied to all entries received from the opening to the closing date of entries.
1. Triton Showers National Championship Appendix 31, Article 7 (Entries must be received by closing date)
2. Top Part championship Overall awards and 1st, 2nd & 3rd in Class, (Entries must be received by closing date)
3. Sligo Pallets Border championship (Priority entries in 2 weeks after entries open)
4. 20 entries allocated at the organizers discretion.
5. 10 entries allocated to GMC Members who have assisted with the running of rally
stage events by Galway MC and that have assisted with the running of a stage in which GMC have helped to run for other Clubs in 2016/2017.
All Galway Motor Club members are asked to help on the day and help assist with clean up on Monday 28th August 2017.
• •
• • • •
4.4 Classes:
In all the above cases “Competitors” refers to drivers only.
The driver must state on the entry form under which of the above criteria he/she wishes to be considered
The onus will rest with the competitor to provide documentary proof of results stated. Any false declaration will result in the entry being refused.
Qualifying under any of the above criteria does not guarantee an entry.
The club reserves the right to refuse an entry without assigning a reason.
As per MI Yearbook, Appendix 29.1
For further details on requirements for cars in classes 1 – 7 refer to Appendix J articles 252 – 261 (Article 260 refers to cars in Group R)
Refer to Appendix 29.1 Classes, Notes on Classes 1 to 16.5 and Historic Cars Art. 18 and 19, Motorsport Ireland Yearbook 2017, for further information on Class eligibility.
5. Reconnaissance
5.1 Information:
Pace notes will be allowed on the event and competitors will be allowed to make pace notes on Saturday 26th August 2017 between 08.30 and 17.00 pm. Recce stickers must be displayed on the top corner of the windscreen of the reconnaissance car.
Competitors must sign on before entering the stages at:
Location: Rally HQ. Time: Friday
5.2 Pace note providers:
Lady Gregory Hotel, Ennis Road, Gort, Co Galway
25th August 2017 from 20.00 to 22.00. 26th August 2017 from 09:00 to 12.00.
Pace notes will be available for sale by third parties. The club has no involvement in their preparation and accepts no responsibility or liability for their accuracy or otherwise.
5.3 Restrictions:
Your attention is also drawn to Appendix 29, article 4 of Motorsport Ireland Yearbook referring to a competitor found on a stage outside the reconnaissance period.
The Maximum Speed allowed on a stage during the reconnaissance is 60 Kph unless a lower limit is indicated by a traffic sign or a written instruction issued by the organizers. Traversing the stage in the wrong direction is expressly forbidden.
A maximum of three runs per stage are permitted, competitors will be signed in and out of each stage
No Large commercial vans (e.g. Vito/Transit) are allowed to be used as reconnaissance vehicles.
The special stages will be open to normal traffic therefore the safety and rights of other road users must be respected and due care must be shown to other traffic.
The organizers will monitor the behavior of competitors on the reconnaissance route.
5.4 Penalties:
Reports of breaches of above regulations will be submitted to Motorsport Ireland who may convene a tribunal of inquiry.
6. Administrative Checks
Administrative checks:
Documentation scrutiny is located at Rally Headquarters, Lady Gregory Hotel, Ennis Road, Gort, Co Galway
Competition licenses, I.R.D.S. or BRDS cover and other documentation must be presented at documentation scrutiny.
7. Shakedown Stage
The Shakedown Stage is open Saturday 26th August from 16:30 to 19:00 – All competitors must pass Mechanical. Driver and Navigator must attend Paper Scrutiny before entering the Shakedown Stage. Entry to Stage will close at 18.30.
A competitor who has started the Shakedown Stage but does not start the Rally on Sunday morning shall be entitled to a refund of 2/3rds of their net entry fee (entry fee only – NO REFUND of any insurances or insurance levy).

• •
• •

Trailer Park Info will be included on the Final Instructions.

• •
• •
• •
• •
• • •

Mechanical Scrutiny will take place on Saturday 26th August 2017 between 14.00 – 19.30 in Lady Gregory Hotel, Gort.
Scrutineering times for each competitor will be issued with Final Instructions and must be adhered to.
All competitors are required to have door decals on their car and have the first part of the Mechanical scrutiny sheet completed before they present the car for scrutineering.
Logbooks are required for all cars.
ALL CARS must be presented at Parc Ferme at Rally HQ within 30 minutes of completing
Mechanical Scrutineering.
Driving of competing cars off the specified route to/from Scrutineering may lead to exclusion. After completing Mechanical scrutiny competitors are required to present themselves at
documentation scrutiny in Rally HQ.
There will be a designated fixed service area in Gort Mart.
Outside of the service area Support/Service is expressly forbidden (Art 11.5 Appendix 29 MI Yearbook).
Judges of Fact will monitor the route.
Ground sheets must be utilized by all crews.
Waste bins will be provided in the Service Area and all crews are requested to place all rubbish in the bins.
Competitors are requested to remove all waste oil from the service area.
Features of the Rally
10.1 Competitors Safety Briefing:
Competitors Safety Briefing will be held at 08.00 on Sunday 27thAugust 2017 in Rally Headquarters. It is compulsory for at least one member of the crew to attend. Art 3.2. Appendix 25 Motorsport Ireland yearbook 2017.
10.2 Route Information:
The rally will take place over a route of 120 stage Km and with centralized service after every 3 stages.
Please remember at all times:
10.3 Rally Guide:
A Rally Guide will be available to download on
11. Restart after Retirement ( Rally 2)
11.1 General

11.1.1 The rally will operate Rally 2 in accordance with Art 13, Appendix 29 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook (as published on MI Website)
11.1.2 A crew retiring from the rally between Parc Ferme Out and Arrival Control SS3, may restart the rally from Service Out Control after 3 stages, or Service Out Control after 6 stages. Cars retiring from the rally on Special Stages 3, 4 & 5 or the following road sections, may only restart from Service Out Control after 6 stages.
No restart will be permitted for crews retiring on Special Stages 6, 7, 8 & 9.
A restart will not be permitted where a crew has been excluded for non-compliance with eligibility requirements, traffic violations or a decision of the COC/R2C (Rally 2 Coordinator). On retirement the crew must hand in their time cards to Car Accountability or the marshal/ timekeeper at the next available location/Time Control.
Crews must retain the duplicate copy of the time card, to present to R2C as proof of stages completed.
11.1.3 Competitors must register for Rally 2 if they wish to restart from Service Out Control after 3 stages or from Service Out Control after 6 stages by contacting the R2C prior to a time that will be specified in Final Instructions.
Service Vehicles will not be permitted to access the Stage or any closed road between runs. The organisers will, where possible, endeavour to remove any car to the nearest location where it can exit the stage.
The transport of the car from that location is the responsibility of the competitor. The car must return by direct route to the Service Area.
11.1.4 Competitors availing of Rally 2 must present themselves at Service Out Control after 3 stages or Service Out Control after 6 stages, with their car, for re-scrutiny. Due time is 10 minutes before their original due time at that Control, and 15 Minutes maximum lateness will apply.
11.1.5 The R2C, once satisfied that the crew meets the conditions for a restart, will issue new time cards which will have a restart time and restart Control Number.
The restart position within the field shall be at the discretion of the COC/R2C.
11.1.6 The organizers reserve the right to disallow restart on safety grounds or if the restart would interfere with the running of the rally.
11.2 Penalties:
11.2.1 Penalties will be applied as per Article 13.5, Appendix 29 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook (as published on MI Website)
11.3 Award Eligibility:
11.3.1 In order to be classified as a finisher the crew must complete a minimum of 5 special stages, which must include the final loop of stages and the finish control.
11.3.2 Crews completing the rally under Rally 2 regulations will be eligible to score points in Championships.

• •

1st Overall
2nd Overall
3rd Overall
1st 2nd and 3rd in each class Class 11R,11F,
2 Trophies
2 Trophies
2 Trophies
2 Trophies
2 Trophies
2 Trophies
2 Trophies
2 Trophies
2 Trophies
2 Trophies + Conroy Memorial Cup
Historic1st 2nd & 3rd
Junior 1st, 2nd & 3rd
Ladies Award
Mixed Crew Award
Best GMC Crew
(Both crew must be fully registered with GMC six months prior to the event) Best UN Placed 2 Trophies
Birr MC, Limerick MC, Clare MC, Galway MC, GRP 4 King Of The Mark 11 1 Trophy
N.B. Overall winners are not eligible for class awards.
If 5 or more entries are not received in each class, the organizers reserve the right to amalgamate classes or reduce the awards accordingly.

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Regulations & Entry form for the Wexford Volkswagen Stages Rally 2017

are available below; taking place on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of September.
This year’s event offers:
– 200+ Stage Kilometres of smooth and technical tarmac stages
– 15 Stages including 3 new, never before used stages.
– Saturday Format 2×3 / Sunday Format 3×3
– Entry Fees: Main Field and Historic €699 plus €375 MI Insurance Levy
– Junior €399 plus €188 MI Insurance Levy
– A Counting Round of the Suirway Group South East Stages Championship
– HQ, Parc Ferme and Central Service Park in Wexford Town
– A Ferry discount with Stena Line for UK Competitors
– Historics to compete on all 15 stages
– Juniors to compete on all 9 stages on Sunday
We will also have live feeds and interviews available on on Facebook all weekend.
The gallery of previous winners include Steve Woods, Mark Straker, James Stafford, Damien Cole, PJ McGrath, Eamonn Boland, Stephen Murphy, Pete Doughty, Donie Keating, Bill Connelly, Frank Meagher, Austin McHale, Bertie Fisher, Ger Buckley and Billy Coleman this promises to be a weekend of rallying in the Sunny South-East that is not to be missed!
Online Entry:
PDF Version:


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Top Entry for Imokilly 2017

This weekend will see the best of the best head to Imokilly for what will be the rally show down of the year. would like to wish the team and all who are taking part the very best of luck for this great event.

Top 10 for this weekend
Jonathan Pringle James Fultan Escort Cavan
Gary Kiernan Ryan Moore Escort Cavan
Colin Byrne Stephen Quin Escort Midleton
Enda O Brien John Butler Escort Kilkenny
Trevor Mulligan Sean Hayde Escort Meath
Danial Cronin Shane Buckley Mitsubishi Bantry
Barry Meade Eamonn Hayes Escort Banteer
Pat o Connell Derek Gibbs Mitsubishi Tipperary
George Condell George Twomey Starlet Carlow
Ed O Callaghan Keith McCarthy Escort Limerick

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In the Hot Seat With Paddy (Wack) Croke


Patrick croke

Date of birth


Old luffany carrageen Co Kilkenny


Customer care adviser at RigneyDolphin

Road car?

2017 Ds DS3


Carrick on suir motorclub

Favourite Event of this year and why?

The Ravens rock will for ever be my favourite rally this year I got to sit beside a feature world campion and also my best friend and that’s Irelands very own Craig Breen

When was your first even?

My first event was the sepam stonethrowers back in 2010 with my dad in our ex Carlos sainz rs500 cosworth which we finished up 2nd in class.

When you’re not rallying what do you do for fun?

I like to keep myself fit and go to the gym three times a week, as you can see my friends are a big part of my life so we get up to all sorts of stuff our main hobby at the minute is boating which a good friend of mine has his own boat so we are off out on that whenever the weather is good.

Favourite food?

Good question I like all kind of food really my favourite would be Italian as a treat but Monday to Friday I keep the food good.

Do you have any frustrating memories in rallying?

Haha god yes I think me and Craig will agree on this one, the first stage of the rock we were all geared up and ready to go Craig turns around to me and says rite wack you count me down so I says back no problem lad so 54321 comes paddy is on one mean while Craig says Jesus paddy we have 3 seconds to go the laughing it was funny.

What is your favourite rally car?

My all-time favourite car would have to be the ford mk 2 escort the one that David Sutton built all them years ago for Ari Vatenan there is no better car, or dow I love the latest WRC cars and id love a modified escort of my own.

What’s your plan for 2017

I am in talks with a company in Scotland who have set up a race car for people with mild disability’s like myself to try and get in to motorsport, so I have been asked to go to the uk and drive an Audi TT racing car which is fully adapted. I’m also in the middle of going about building my own rally car which is looking to be a Citroen C2 which I hope to start the build maybe after Christmas in time for the raven’s rock 2018,

Would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my mum and dad and two brothers Sean and Seamus without them I wouldn’t be where I am today also a big thanks to my friends who play a big part in my life like I have said there just a great bunch lads and sometimes the on lookers on the Facebook say these boys are mental we aren’t we just don’t let life get in the way really. Have to say a massive thank you to Craig Breen, I struck up a friendship with this guy through another friend of ours aka bobo as we know him as it started off I think around the time Craig was testing for the circuit of Ireland with the 208 R5 in the hills of mullinavat which is located near our home town it was a great weekend which Craig and Scott went on to win the circuit that year and the year after. When I got the phone call back in June to say paddy would you sit with me in the rock in a modified escort it was a no brainer but to say yes and what a day we had form the start rite to the last KM on the last stage were we went to take 3rd over all it was a dream come through for me. A big thanks to all the rally family on Facebook who sent lovely text and comments after the event it just amazing it’s not the end for me and Craig we will be back next year please god with part 2 of the journey till then thanks once again


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