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In The Hot Seat With Monaghan Man James Mc Carville

Name: James Mc Carville

Birthday: 24/03/1990

Lives: Tydavnet Co. Monaghan

Occupation Car sales

Road Car: Whatever has diesel in it

MotorClub: Monaghan motor club

Favourite Event of the year and why?
Donegal international,serious atmosphere,stages are unreal and so is the after party!

First memory of Rallying ?
Monaghan rally passing my house when I was very young!

When was your first event ?
Newry mourne rally 06
When your not rallying what do you do for fun ?

Favourite food:
Do I look fussy?

Do you have any frustrating memories in Rallying ?
Loads of them! Too many to start going into!!

What is in your Rally bag on a weekend: ?
Just the usual when I’m driving and plenty of water!!

What’s your plans for the year 2018 ?
Don’t know yet might go to Galway and then west cork,monaghan and donegal! It will depend on the funds!!

Would you like to thank anyone: ?
I’d like to thank my navigators,Ryan and Noel and the boys at NPL rally prep and my sponsors Gusclad,Westenra arms hotel,Ucar,Griffith’s tractors,Vci,crosbie and graham auctioneers,Gmc agri supplies

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In the Hot Seat With Isle of man Lady Cliona Collins

Name: Cliona Collins

Birthday: 02/05/98

Lives: Isle of Man but currently studying in Liverpool

Occupation: Student, studying Psychology.

Road Car: BMW Series 1

Motor Club: Manx Auto Sport

Favourite Event of the year and why? Probably Rally IOM as I was in with a new driver and new car. This caused me to step out of my comfort zone which I enjoyed.

First memory of Rallying? Childhood memories of me and Dad standing in fields and forestries watching stages.

When was your first event? First event was in 2014, using an Evo 6 in an airfield event.

When you’re not rallying what do you do for fun? Although I am very involved in motorsport, I am also incredibly girly. So of course I enjoy shopping, getting my hair and nails done etc.

Favourite food: This would have to be Mum’s homemade Chilli Con Carne, 10/10.

Do you have any frustrating memories in Rallying? No, I’m usually really calm during a rally. Even if something is going wrong I like to reflect on appreciating the opportunity I have. In Fact, the most frustrating memory is probably the ‘rally comedown’ you get days after.

Who is your favourite Rally car driver? My dad of course.

What is in your Rally bag on a weekend?
Cable ties
Spare intercom batteries
Tyre pressure gauge
Hairbrush and lip gloss (they’re essential)

What’s your plans for the year 2018? Hopefully planning on getting a sit with someone for the BRC Championship, whilst also sitting in with my Dad.

Would you like to thank anyone: I would like to thank my Dad firstly, for introducing me to the motorsport as a child and for giving me the opportunity to sit next to him throughout the many of rallies we have done.
Also my Mum for having to put up with the constant rally talk and supporting me although I know she’d much rather prefer I was involved in a less dangerous sport.
Whilst of course I would like to thank all of those involved in the motorsport such as; marshals, medics and Manx Auto Sport itself.

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Words Motorsport Ireland


The quest to become the Triton Showers Junior National Rally champion is set for a dramatic conclusion that goes down to the wire on the final round, the Westlodge Hotel Fastnet Rally in Bantry on the final Sunday of October.
Three drivers – Meath’s Brian Brady, Donegal’s Michael Boyle and Monaghan’s Johnny Treanor, all in Honda Civics, are vying for the title.

Results from the penultimate round, the Lady Gregory Hotel Galway Summer Rally, were revised on Monday morning last due to the exclusion of Johnny Treanor for an infringement of the rules. Brady failed to finish while business commitments meant Boyle didn’t enter the Gort based rally.

Currently and based on the best five scores Brady (41 points) – leads from Boyle (33 points) and Treanor (30 points), the latter pair can include all of the points from the Bantry rally while Brady can maximize his tally to 45 points. While there are several permutations, Brady or Boyle can become the Triton Junior champion by taking the ten points in Bantry.

The top prize is a VIP trip to join the Toyota Gazoo Racing Team at a European round of the 2018 World Rally Championship courtesy of Kelly’s Toyota. The winner will also qualify for a nomination for the Billy Coleman Young Driver of the Year award scheme.
The runner-up and third in the Triton Junior series will receive a tyre deal with compliments of Triton Showers worth €1250 and €750 respectively.

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The West Gears up for more Motorsport Action

On the 27th of August 2017 we will see Galway Motor Club host their Annual Summer Stages Rally.
Which as a shakedown Stage on Saturday the 26th of August .
This rally will host Round Seven of the Triton Showers National Rally championship, Round 5 of the Sligo Pallets Border Championship and Round 5 of the West Coast Rally Championship. Rally HQ for the weekend is Lady Gregory Hotel Gort Co Galway.
This event will see some top well know rally drivers the cream of the crop near and far to contest the 120km stage event. Three very new stages run in a 3×3 format.
With Monaghan man Sam Moffet after claiming is sixth overall win in a row in Sligo and claimed the Triton Trophy focus now leads to who will claim second and third place? Will last years winner of the event Niall Maguire go for two wins In a row. After his outstanding win in Sligo rally will Shane Maguire Claim another Overall win and valuable points on the board and a step closer to claiming his class win Trophy or will David Guest be hot on the heels of the Monaghan man and snatch it from under his nose.
As the junior battle is heating up mistakes at this point will be very crucial will Meath man Brian Brady feel the pressure on as he is in the lead at the moment with only nine points separating himself and Michael or will jason black be hot on Brady’s heels and put him under pressure and be the man to watch out for and snatch a victorious win from under Brady’s nose to get back in the top of the leader board to claim the junior Triton Trophy ? Will johnny Treanor become the underdog for the last two rounds and claim overall win .. Time will tell. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend to all involved..👌👌

By Lorna Kennedy

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In The Hot Seat With Emma Crowley

Name: Emma Crowley
Birthday: 24th June 1974

Lives: Aberystwyth Wales

Occupation staff nurse

Rally Car ?
Mitsubishi Colt 4wd (being rebuilt)
Peugeot 205 – pedro
Road Car:? Audi Q7

MotorClub:? Lampeter motor club

Favourite Event of the year and why?
Definitely Wexford, great atmosphere and fantastic welcome.
Stages are amazing and organised to perfection

First memory of Rallying ? Watching my dad out on night events many many years ago

When was your first event ?
Tour of epynt 2011 in the Peugeot

When your not Rallying what do you for fun ? Drink wine 🙄 while Sean preps the cars

Favourite food: oh love a good steak!

Do you have any frustrating memories in rallying: ?
Still get frustrated when cars break down after hours of preparation. And not being conscious to support Sean when we had our accident in March

Who is your favourite Rally Driver and why ?
Well obviously Sean Crowley….. because i married him 2 days ago

What is in your Rally bag on a weekend: ?
Tyre pressure gauge
Spare plugs
Cable ties
Tank tape
Spare stopwatch
Mole grips
Haribo tangtastics
And a spare hair bobble

What’s your plans for the year 2017: ?
Main aim this year in to rebuild the Colt and get it out before the end of the year.

would you like to thank anyone ?
O my god…. with rallying everyone who was involved in the aftermath of our accident, spectators, marshals, medics, support from you guys over in Ireland especially Wexford Motorclub and a very close Wexford friend Chris Elsey for all the help rebuilding the car….. shall I go on???. Haha

RallyInterviews would like to wish Emma & Sean all the best as Mr & Ms Crowley

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