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About Rally Interviews

Rally Interview was set up in November 2013 by RallyTrader.ie when they saw an opening for a service that could be used world wide to promote Irish rallying. Back in the 90’s we had no way of hearing what the driver and co-driver had to say at the end of a stage but with this new technology of the smart phone and facebook and twitter we now have the means of hearing what rally drivers and co-driver’s have to say when they came out of a stage. We have use of our facebook pages to build a world wide audience to bring Irish rallying around the world. Over the last 4 Years we have worked on promoting rally events and we use a professional production company in Ireland to develop our rally adds, from Hill Climb events, Mini Stages to Tarmac events around Ireland, the UK and main land Europe.

Our Listeners

Our listeners come from all over the world from North and South Australia, North and South America to main land Europe, which mean’s the club man can now be heard all over the world and also promoting our sport at the same time. To date Rally Interviews have 1 million plays since starting in 2013. On average we have about 20,000 listeners per event.

Our Production Packages
Rally Interviews host a number of different production packages and have a number of different radio broadcasters that take our Rally Interviews from what ever event we are covering across Ireland, UK and main land Europe.

Advertising Packages

Rally Interviews have a number of different advertising packages if you would wish to advertise your company with us you can do so by filling out your info on our contact page and a member of our sales team will contact you within 24 hrs.

Our Staff

While attending your event the Rally Interviews staff will wear the Rally Interviews brand of clothing, and are all ways clean cut and respectable looking as our brand and your event are most important to us.